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K95 - Importing profiles help, sporadic functionality

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Hey guys,


So I just got the K95 today. I've downloaded the bundle provided by zheren, and I've been able to import a couple profiles, but some of the ones I'm really interested in aren't working properly.


For example, I attempted to import Thunderstorm2. I get the following errors:


Profile: No ID tag or bad ID. ID was regenerated.

Profile: Device: Mode: ID tag is missing or ID is invalid. ID was regenerated.

Profile: Device: Mode: Button Group: Invalid key name in Button Group.

Profile: Device: Device doesn't contain all required default Modes.


When I attempt to use the Thunderstorm2 profile, the white "lightning" effect from keypresses works, but nothing else does.


Similar things happen with other profiles as well - for example, the Mega Rainbow profile from the hall of fame doesn't work at all. The Night Sky profile has the "twinkling" effect, but it's white and the blue ambiance is missing.


On the other hand, the MatrixReloadedUpdate profile I downloaded went in with no errors, and seems to be working fine.


I've even tried downloading the orignal K70 profile for Thunderstorm2 and using the conversion tool to bring it over to K95, just in case, but same issue.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks all!

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I've got the same problem with my k95 rgb.

Strange is I'm traveling with it, and justc connect it with another pc, downloaded the corsair software and having this trouble.

I'm far away from home, but when I come back I'll test to see if in my pc is working normaly.


I would like some anser as well,


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Just found the solution, download the old software, on corsair site there are two of them.

Just downloaded the old one and it's working just fine.

Thought, it might be worth to report that to corsair for some calrification (if there's something new about the program that won't allow to import old profiles or just a bug).

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