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Corsair carbide spec 03 / 02 internal dimension (height) & optical drive bay removal?


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Hi All

I have not been in here for quite some time, I am in the process of upgrading my current MSI 990FXA-GD80 / FX-6100 (HTPC) system & using most of the parts to hand down to my 3 kids to build them a gaming PC (they are currently using another one of my old systems which is an MSI K9N Diamond)


I have a Corsair Carbide Spec 03 case on the way, Still in the planning stage so I am looking at CPU cooling options, I would like to know the internal height from the the floor to the ceiling basically? Corsair lists the overall external height as 426mm (Including the feet?) but I need the internal height


Also can anyone tell me if the optical 5.25" drive bays are removable? From what I have read they are not but anything is possible with a dremel


( Apparently the spec 02 is the same case internally so the same to questions goes out to any spec-02 owners also )


I am considering installing an XSPC EX or RX 360 (120mm triple) radiator at the front in the upright position & most of them seem to be around 400mm or just under so I am hoping it can be squeezed in?


I have no need for any optical drives (I have a USB DVD drive laying round) & wont need much storage overall so a large capacity SSD will be sufficient to start with, Should be able to mount a SSD (& possibly a HDD later on if needed) neatly on the bottom of the case


I know I can buy a better case (that obviously costs more) that is more suitable for water cooling but I am one of the few that actually like the look of the Spec-03, I have also found many builds with a dual radiator installed at the top but it is a very tight fit & limits the RAM to Vengeance low profile or similar

I plan on making it a fairly tidy build & hopefully run nice & cool & at the same time not have to spend a whole lot

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Having a rethink, Might be best to fit an EX240 radiator behind the 2 front fans (I am changing the single red fan to 2 blue Corsair SP120 fans that are ordered & on the way) & run a dual reservoir up top

A 360 radiator in the front is not going to get any fresh airflow through the upper 1/3 section so it would be pretty well pointless + adding a reservoir will make filling & bleeding the system much easier & I wont have to remove or mod the optical drive bay section

I am considering adding another EX240 in the top of the case later on if I go to water cooled VGA but for now the single 240 should be fine & keep a nice tidy uncluttered look inside


Can anyone tell me the height from the floor of the case to the underside of the optical drive bay? The XSPC EX240 is 278mm so hopefully it will fit?

The overclock3d.net SPEC 01 & 03 Review shows a radiator fitted at the front but the review seems to only show the spec-01???>


Hoping it will fit in like this>



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Just checked the tracking & apparently my new Spec-03 case will be delivered today along with a Corsair SP120 blue led fan twin pack

I can get some measurements (Instead of relying on the wonderful help in here???) & start planning & modifying


I should have some hose fittings & XSPC 3/8 blue UV hose, EX240 multiport radiator & XSPC dual bay reservoir (Ball window) etc here later in the week


Time to start a build thread soon

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Mainly because I like the look of the case, I know I would not have to spend all that much more for a better case but keeping the cost down is a bonus, Its sort of in the middle as in I dont want a lairy looking case that looks like it came from out of space & I dont want a plain old boring black box either so the Spec-03 is fine for what I want


I will make it do what I need either way, I would really like to do an in desk or wall mount PC setup eventually but that wont be for some time yet, This will allow me to have a bit of a play with some water cooling which might lead to a much better build next time round

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