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Any update to the low PWM frequency issue?


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I have seen a few other people bring this up but not seen any response and my chance to return the keyboard expires soon.


Disclaimer: I see rainbows on DLP projectors and find them somewhat distracting. Same thing goes for poorly designed LED lights.


I received my K95 RGB cherry brown on new years eve and have been trying to adjust to it ever since. But the low PWM frequency make using the keyboard for low light gaming unpleasant because the light flickers when not looking directly at the keyboard. Just like a CRT screen would flicker when seen in your peripheral vision


I have tried various brightness settings, color schemes and ambient lighting to little effect.


I use a 30" monitor at about 80 cm eye to screen distance and even reading text on the screen produces the effect when I move my eyes to change line in text.


All in all I'm a bit underwhelmed by the keyboard.


Uneven lighting primarily on the number keys.


Only one setting for adjusting the angle of the keyboard


Lots of spill light between the keys but fairly low brightness over all.

It seems this could be fixed with a rubber or plastic overlay


Keyboard bends upwards a little on the middle. The box was in mint condition so not a transport damage issue.


The Nordic version comes with a some very cramped special keys where all three languages special chars are printed on. And for Danish our chars are the ones that hardly get any light.

For a 200$ keyboard with exchangeable:!: keys this seems like someone went out of they way to make the worst compromise.

Why not just include three sets of five keys and we could have the exact layout for our respective languages.

My old SteelsSeries came with a FULL set of extra keys in grey


But the PWM problem is a deal breaker for me personally.

In an age where most of the monitor manufacturers finally seems to have seen the light, pun intended, and quit their flickering back light we get this disco keyboard.

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Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done as an individual's eye are sensitive to things where another's eye may not notice.


The uneven lightning is due to the L.E.D.s location being at the top of the switch. The keycap is white on the inside and the switch casing is clear which should help "brighten" the entire key but it's the best that can be done as the L.E.D. is not mounted in the middle.


The keyboard being angled is normal. It's not a shipping issue. It's more of an ergonomic thing instead of having the keyboard fully flat on the desk.

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