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The corsair 450D and NOCTUA NH-D15 ???


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Hello great Corsair forum.

I was looking for the similar thread but I didnt find the answers here. So my basic question is: do somebody test this build ? (Case corsair 450D and CPU fan cooler NOCTUA NH-D15). Will it fit this cooler into this corsair case ? I found only the the description and dimension of both items. For the cooler is said that the high is 165mm and the case is supporting the fan coolers to the 165mm.

So it might be good right ?


I dont want to buy the components and than suddenly realized that something wont fit into the case.

My whole build should be:

Motherboard: ASUS X99-A

Case: Corsair 450D

CPU cooler: NOCTUA NH-D15



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