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H100i Loud Hiss Noise


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I've just built a new system (Which i will post under the user profile after this post)


That including a H100i, my temps are great, the lowest being 23c(mostly due to cold weather) the highest in prime95 stress max stress 70c


Now the only problem is a very very loud hissing noise, that I just cannot stand. I know the pump runs at full RPM but i had a previous setup that did the same thing without the noise.


here's a video.




As you can see in the video you can hear the noise, at the time im running "The Forest", near the end I click exit on the game and immediately the sound stops.


I've ran prime95 under full load, and this sound did not happen.

I've stressed my gpu, and also the sound did not happen, although no matter what game, the sound occurs.

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Don't think the sound is from the H100i as you have ran a Prime95 stress test which did not create the noise. It does not look like the fans are connected as well so the sound probably is not from the H100i but it is near the CPU area. As you have tested the GPU as well, the noise could possibly be from the motherboard instead.


Run a CPU stress test along with a GPU stress test. Does the sound occur?

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