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H2100 dropping connection


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i just got my new H2100 headset to replace the broken Vengeance 1500 set.


the sound was better in the 1500 to me, but on to my point,


charged it, paired it, installed driver's and new control panel from corsair.


will drop connection at random times. the light on the dongle will start to blink and no sound. sometimes for a second, sometimes for a minute. will go 40 minutes fine or right from the start.


i/ve moved the dongle from the front to the back of the case, from 2.0 to 3.0 ports, now sitting on the extension cable less than 3 ft from my head.


at the end of my idea line before these get tossed in the garbage.

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Disable any USB power savings in Windows and the BIOS (If any) and see if that helps.

Latest BIOS and chipset drivers?


The issue could either be a faulty dongle or headset if the connection drops. You can request and RMA, explain your issue and Corsair should send you a replacement dongle or replace the whole headset or you can contact your seller and ask if they can replace the headset for you.


If you do submit an RMA, make sure you upload a picture of the invoice as proof of purchase.

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thaks but i wont bother to RMA. i bought it online and made the mistake of getting from another country (USA im in Canada). cost me $25 and a month to send it back so i will just toss it in the garbage and buy another set if it came to that.
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