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750D Without Window?


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Hey all,



Is there any way to get a 750D with a solid side panel?


I've seen that some cases have these parts for sale in the accessories/parts section, but the 750D isn't one of them.


Maybe the cover on the right side can flip around and fit on the windowed side? If so, is there any way to buy a second windowless cover?


Much obliged,


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You could buy a 730T, same interior as 750D, solid, hinged side panels and a perforated front panel for better air flow. Oh, it's cheaper as well.


I looked at the 730T, but unfortunately the mods I plan on making require perfectly flat sides.


That and I think the 730T (just like the rest of the Graphite series) are just not the right look for me. In my mind I'm all function over form, but I just can't make make myself do it.


The Obsidian series are the only Corsair cases that appeal to me.

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