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Corsair Vengeance M95 Arctic White (scroll wheel problems)


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I've been using this excellent mouse for several months and this week I notice something odd is happening and it's most annoying thing.


Whenever I try to scroll down a page too fast or quickly, the page will stutter, as if the mouse gotten confused. It'll scrolls up down, up, down up, down up... It's most annoying!! :mad: :mad: :mad:


Is it possible to RMA this? It seems to do it on both computers with or without drivers :[pouts: I'm therefore thinking it's hardware related?

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I really love this mouse but the scroll button stutter was a real issue for me. I finally came back to it after a year to test it. Still had the same problem. I remember reading someone using wd 40 to fix the issue. I gave it a few sprays next to the scroll wheel on both sides. I scrolled the wheel for a minute or two in both directions. I noticed the stutter became much better right away. After an hour of use the issue is not longer an issue. I am now using my m95 full time and loving it. Hope this helps someone else.
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