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Corsair 1000RM power cord query.


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Hi I just purchased a Corsair 1000RM PSU but the power cord I received was a 2 pin plug instead of a 3 pin, which is the type I need for my location (Ireland).


Is there any other compatible power cords I could use, or am I going to have to send this back. The only one I could find online was this but I'm not sure what exactly I should be looking for in the specs of the cord.




Any help would be greatly appreciated guys.

Thanks everyone.

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Two pin? Really? So there's no ground pin on the power cord included with your RM? That's interesting. Can you take a picture of it?


The one you linked should work fine. The part that plugs into the PSU is called a C15 connector and is standard for most power supplies on the market.

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