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Buzzing noise coming from Corsair 750RM only after quitting games.


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Hello. Sorry for my double topic because now i am almost sure that PSU is making that noise.

I have Corsair 750 RM. And only after long gaming session when i am on idle , PSU is making that strange buzzing noise , like on that movie:



When noise started , its for about 3-4 seconds then its gone. Its very short.

I just have that noise after playing some games. Finally at the end, can somebody explain me why i have that noise only after quitting games not during games?

Something like bzzz bzzzz.

Thank you. I have Corsair RM 750 not AX like on pasted movie. Is this difference?

So question is. I must RMA PSU or this is normal ?

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Its GPU ,sorry for my mistake. Its not PSU. Its GPU.!


When fans slowing down and when they turn off for the "0 dB" mode ( idle ) , and then i am hearing buzzing noise for a few seconds.

Its normal? Why i am hearing buzzing noise when fans completely turns off for the 0db mode?

I have Asus Strix 980 .

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