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I was so looking forward to the arrival of the K95 RGB UK with brown keys, and got one as soon as I could back in October. I think Corsair forgot one thing when they made this keyboard... well that it should work as a keyboard! Never had a keyboard before that did not work out of the box. Personally, I bought this keyboard for the keys, not for hyper gaming, so its of great frustration to me that most of the time when my computer boots, the keyboard does not come up in a function mode. I have tried different USB ports, even bought a USB 3 card for just the keyboard, but still have problems with it. Does not work with my computers BIOS, occationally works with grub, and does not work with ubuntu. Windows it works with some of the time after the driver has loaded.


My problems:-


1) Painting on the right cursor key was poor quality with lots of excess paint producing a poor finish.


2) One of bolt holes to secure the keyboard rest has been installed at an angle so the keyboard rest does not screw in very well.


3) Ok this one is just a poor design descision .... Plastic used for the Extention Function key, rather that brushed Aluminium like the rest of the keyboard.


Ok I ignored these... build issues but for the price of the keyboard I feel Corsair could have done better.


4) Lots of problems getting the keyboard to work well as a keyboard. Eventually accept it will just work with windows after a fashion, because I love the keys. Cherry Brown are lovely. If I want to get into the bios I will just plug in another keyboard, and set grub to boot windows!


5) Cue software is very Strange. No problem I didn't really wish to change colours much, would have been nice if the software had been supplied with the keyboard. As the web site with IE did not download the software in a friendly way for the archive to work.


6) Got a weird crash, where some of the keys go off colour, try using cue to set everry key black, delete every key group but still 10 keys or so are lit, only way to get rid of the effect was to do a reset on each one of the keys, Well that atleast explained some of the weirdness of Cue, if a key is in more than one key group it gets the effected ORed together.


Ok I still put up with this....


7) a week ago, my windows key goes "pink", very confused, finally work out the brightness as gone on the "green" in the RGB....


Ok Pink windows key ... keep using


8) yesterday.... Werid crash again with many keys getting a background lighting effect, keyboard does not seem to want to come up into a work mode, when it does so the K key seems to be spamming the output, when I press the K key ... it displays "l".....


Damn keyboard isn't even going a good job as a keyboard.




Want so corsair what can I do about these? I personally feel the keyboard now is hardly fit for purpose, there have not been any bios updates for ages. If I returned my keyboard would the replacement be just as bad? I had problems with a return the last time I tried with my supplier so do not really wish to go through that pain.


So all in all feel like one sad panda.

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Between the move to the new HQ, Christmas, New Year and now CES 2015 I guess they've been a bit busy.


A new software version did come out in December and we were told that a new firmware version is being beta tested right now. We should see it soon hopefully :p:




But your key turning pink seems like an hardware issue, you see the "pink" if you see the key to be white with nothing else right? In that case your best option would be to open a ticket with Corsair and see what they say about RMA.

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Oolon, if you have an issue with the the RGB LED on your keyboard, I'd like to get it back for analysis and set you up with a new replacement. Go ahead and put in a RMA and ping me when you've completed it and I'll take care of the rest for you.
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