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How to program key combos?

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I've been scouring through the user's manual but can't seem to find any mention of how to program key combos. It seems like all the programming you can do is to be triggered by single keys only, instead of combos.


For example, if I want to turn the spacebar into the Fn key when it is held down, and then have I, J, K, L behave like arrow keys, so I can hold down the spacebar with my thumb and use those four keys to navigate text, instead of having my fingers leave the home-row to the arrow keys (which slows me down when I'm in the middle of editing my writing). I'd also like to program other navigation cluster keys on or near the home-row, such as Home/End, Page UP/Down, Delete, etc.


Currently, this is all possible by using something like AutoHotKey, as described here: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=51069.0


I'd like to be able to do the same using Corsair Utility Engine, but it's looking like what I'm after is beyond its capability? Is there no way to program macros/hotkeys that are triggered by combos instead of a single key?

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Make a profile with 2 modes.

Remap the second mode keys to the arrows, home etc

Remap the ALT or windows key in the default mode to switch modes while its held down.


Separate color highlighting can be made to highlight the different keys in each mode.

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