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H110I GT can support corsair commander mini ? via corsair link digital cable ?


As Red-Ray stated, there is no corsair link digital cable on the H110i GT cooler.


But you can use the corsair commander mini with the 110i, it just requires a bit of a workaround if you don't have enough USB headers on the motherboard for both the commander mini and H110i GT.


The USB cable that connects to the H110i Gt has a mini usb (maybe micro usb? someone correct my terminology if it's wrong) on one end, and on the other it connects directly to a USB header on your motherboard.


Using This, is the workaround. You would connect this to your motherboard's USB header, then connect the H110i GT and commander mini to it.


It would make sense for the commander mini to have this functionality built in to it, as it is supposed to be the command center for all of your CL products. But (and this is a big but) some of Corsair's CL products ship with cables that go directly in to a USB header on the motherboard, directly conflicting with their useability with the commander mini. Kind of a head scratcher, really, that the commander mini wasn't designed to handle this from the start.

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