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Vengeance H2100 Software Questions


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Hi guys,


So I recently got this headset and have discovered that when playing around with the software, I'm confused about some things.


When should I be changing the source type? When should I be hitting the big power icon?


One thing that annoys me is that when I click the power button, EVERYTHING goes into surround sound mode. That includes music, games, videos, skype, etc. Is there a way to disable this? Its very annoying when I'm doing things such as playing games, skyping with people, and listening to music at the same time. I want to get surround sound in my game, but when I enable it, everything goes into surround sound mode.



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Unfortunately, there is no way to manually change if the sound should be stereo or surround with the Dolby drivers enabled. When the Dolby drivers are enabled virtual surround mode is enabled for everything regardless of the applications settings e.g. playback 2.0 Stereo, it will still be in surround mode.
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