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DDR3 with older Asrock Mobo


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I hope somebody has some good advice re:


I am looking forward to max'ing out computer RAM.


I run an i7 2600k on an Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 motherboard.

Currently I run 2 kits of Corsair for a total 16GB of Ram.


The unmatched kits run just fine - THANK YOU CORSAIR (and Ramguy who answered my questions way back in the day)!


Now I want to run 32GB of RAM on my mobo - are there any kits of 32 (4x8GB) GB CORSAIR ram compatible with this old Z68 Mobo and Tech?


I'd hate to plunk down all this good money for great silicon that just won't work given my geriatric setup. Unfortunately full upgrade is not an option - it's pretty much RAM or bust. ;(


Any advice is good advice.


Thanks in advance,



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