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H105 on Maximus Ranger


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Hi , I've seen a number of threads on this and related.

I want to start at the beginning:


1st screenshot is from the manual:



2nd screenshot is from next page of manual





Ok first question:

On the motherboard layout there are 4 fan headers:

I've looked closely

cpu, opt-cpu , chassis fan2 on (L), chassis fan3 ®


In the manual , on the 3rd line of layout contents

There are supposed to be 5

cpu, opt-cpu, Chassis fans 1-3



Many of us are having issues, because we want to be able to control or disable fan-control in BIOS and elsewhere ,

I see a chassis fan 1 in BIOS, but can't see it on mother board.

CPU-OPT is not available in BIOS to control


Lets first of all ask about the manual

Can we agree there is no Chassis_Fan 1 on the motherboard


Really appreciate help here folks

without getting this right, games, overclocking etc

is built on a rocky foundation


Good news:

Chassis fan 2 + 3 are easy to set up, they go to my front and back fans

set to DC, set to control via MB,

Its the CPU-OPT and CPU that are tricky~and where is this chassis fan 1 coming from?

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Can we agree there is no Chassis_Fan 1 on the motherboard


I counted 3 Chasis fan headers on the board, you've got CPU_Fan and _Opt at the top, a header on the left side of the board, a header on the right, and a header at the bottom of the board between the USB 2.0 headers and the Keybot button.


CPU_Opt is controlled by CPU_Fan, they should always match, so you won't be able to directly control CPU_Opt, this is for air coolers with two fans. You should connect your pump to CPU_Fan and then you can connect your fans via a Y connector to a Chassis_Fan header which you can then control through the bios or AI Suite to work off of CPU temps. I noticed that once I ran the Fan Configuration tool on the AI Suite that my pump hooked up to the CPU_Fan header was greyed out and could not be adjusted, so this should be perfectly safe to do, and Asus recommends it.

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ahh 1 problem solved, my bad x1

did not see chassis fan header sneaked into bottom of board

just didn't expect to see it there.also didn't expect to see I'd plugged

a fan into it .. my bad x2


now I know why the dbl fan is separated in 2 for front fans

but the double radiator fan is 1 , as have a y-connector


ok most importantly I've read advice that says the other way round

for CPU and CPU-Opt

connect PUMP to cpu-opt as you don't want control over that, and you can't

have control in BIOS , then

connect 2 radiators fans y-connect to CPU-Fan


can we have some opinions on both ideas please?

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This is wrong information that was spread by Asus forum mods. There is no danger of your pump being adjusted when plugging into the CPU_Fan header, and when not using an LED pump, if there is a problem, then the motherboard will let you know, otherwise you'll have no idea. Not doing this can actually create issues.



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the plot thickens

I've got pump fan 3pin in CPU-OPT

I want this as it means I can't change it, it runs nicely at 1800+

And not available in BIOS to change, seems to me its meant for the cooler !


Now, the CPU-FAN header I've plugged the radiator fans into it x2 4-pin pwm

I can control this in BIOS, and in AI Suite I can choose: silent, standard, turbo, full

whereas there's no control for CPU-OPT - Good

however I've used manual in BIOS anyway ..

I think this is intended for the double fans of the radiator..


Everything works fine, e.g on boot in windows

I see chassis fans 1-3 about 7to 800 rpm -

CPU fan, my x2 radiators about 1200rpm

the cpu-opt ( the real cpu cooler corsair ) IS A HEALTHY 1500 ish

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Yeah, CPU_Fan will only lock when you have the pump plugged into it. However, if you modify your CPU_Fan speed, CPU_Opt should change with it. So using the pump on CPU_Opt could be bad for it if you're adjusting your CPU_Fan speeds. I'm not sure if AI Suite will lock the pump while still attached to CPU_Opt. If it does, then your setup should be fine.
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ok maybe it works both ways

the cpu-opt where my pump fan is - this cannot be changed

the cpu-fan is as you say tied to it ,is as you can see higher than the chassis

I can't change it in AISuite to source MB, so its fixed in that sense

ran a heavy chess program, the cpu fan went up a 2/300

whilst the cpu-opt ( my pump ) remains solid at 1836


are we any closer?

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If your pump RPM's stayed the same while your fans ramped up, then you're golden as is. I'm not sure if the board will notify you if you have a problem with your CPU_Opt, so my preference would still be to use CPU_Fan for the pump. You can test this though by unplugging your pump from the SATA power connector and start up your PC.


Either way, if you're not worried about the warning, then your setup is awesome with you basically getting an extra header for free, if the mobo gives you the warning, then this would be the optimal setup hands down.

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hmm I swapped them over, and wasn't happy with the reporting in AI

so swapped back .. it works fine as you say , but no warnings.

I'm not worried as I'd immediately see if the light on the pump went off

and windows would shut down at a certain point ...


let us know how you get on with the H105 .. keep this thread going .. cheers

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Just to be clear, I believe the error in the Asus thread was one of syntax, not technical knowledge. However, when I tried to politely approach the subject for more information at that time, I was rebuffed and scolded like a child. When I posted the question again yesterday, the moderator took it down as asked and answered, again threw out insults, and told me go read the manual and call Asus support if I wanted something explained. So I did. And their response is in a similar post today.


I suspect there still is more than one way to do this, but at least on X99's, the BIOS it's own agenda when it comes to CPU_FAN. Plugging one fan each into CPU & OPT was convenient and made sense, since I wanted both of them to run the same speed. However, regardless of settings, the BIOS or AI Suite would set those two fan speeds to max every time I woke from sleep and their controls would become locked. It also happened on a few hard restarts as well. I am curious what you would do running an air cooler. You would have the same problem with dual fans plugged into those two headers.

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My Y-header arrived, have a free chassis1 header now

plugged pump into cpu_fan - steady at 1836

cpu_opt for radiator fans - steady at 1110

Back and Side steady at 800ish

Very pleased with it ..

room for another double fan ..


AI suite so bugged its not worth the effort

How's your new cooler coming along?

Saturday shopping? :)

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