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Strange electrical noise coming from Asus Strix 980 after quiting the games.


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Hello. I have a problem. I'm getting a electrical noise from my graphic card when the computer is idle, ONLY after I played games. However, as soon as I turn on game the sound goes away. When I turn it off ( game ), after around 3 minutes or so the sound comes back. Then that noise is gone after 5 second ( few seconds ).

And yes i am sure that is from graphic card, because i stressed pc with Prime95 and i dont hear that noise after stopping test.


Card is Asus Strix 980

Psu is Corsair 750 RM

Cpu is 4790K

Mobo is Sabertooth Z79 Mark 2


Here is the link with the same noise what is coming from my graphic card.






I know on link here is PSU but my graphic card making the same noise not during games but after quitting games. When noise started then is gone always after few seconds.

Like i say i just tested pc with PRIME95 and after stopping tests i dont hear a noise. Only after quitting games i can hear that short noise. Can somebody from Corsair forum can help me?

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