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How am I gonna change button click response rate?


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I have K95 and honestly I love it, but there is problem or I should think that it is a problem please help me.


When I type something or When I play games, I click any button like Q or W, but although I click just once, it duplicates it. It is so fast, how am I gonna change keyboard's button response rate?


For Instance, when I play moba, I want to click W or Q just once, but it is working like I am hitting it twice :/


it makes me crazy. Even I am writing this post, I made lots of corrections.


Please help me!!!



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Are you new to keyboards and/or using Cherry MX Reds? Typos and double letters are more common on that type of key switch due to the low actuation force and lack of tactile feedback. Unfortunately, there is no way to change the response rate since the key press is triggered by the mechanical switch. That said, there does seem to be hardware problems, especially with the Cherry MX Blues that is causing these double letters erroneously. If you have Reds you can't get used to, or malfunctioning switches period, you should look at a return.
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