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Looking For Quick Aurora R4 Cooler Replacement


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Looking to replace my stock liquid cooler for my late 2011 Alienware Aurora R4. It's noisy, cools like crap and is over 3 years old. I recently OCed the turbo boost on my 3820 to 4.2 GHz. My CPU temps can hit over 70 degrees celsius at times just playing Wasteland 2. I'd hate to see what they might reach playing something that actually push my processor harder like Wolfenstein:TNO.


I've been eye balling the Corsair H50. Looks simple and effective. Some questions on it.


-Is it a simple install? My motherboard has a 2011 socket with an i7-3820. Trying to avoid any case modding. The simpler the better.


-Will it plug into the factory harness connectors and work without pulling my hair out? Not looking for any cpu pump errors etc, etc.


-Is it quiet?


All I want is a quieter, more effective and trustworthy liquid cooler to replace the ineffective turbine engine the PC shipped with.


I'm also open to other and/or better suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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The H50 will be a like for like replacement. I am not sure how much of a cooling improvement you will receive. The radiator on your R4 and the H50 are nearly identical.


Another option would be to go with an H80i. It has a substantially thicker radiator and offers higher cooling potential. There are numerous pro and cons that go along with that model and are discussed at length in this forum. I went from the Asetek OEM cooler on my Aurora 1 to an H80i. With a 930i@4.2 I could run Prime 95 Large FFT and stay steady in the mid 50's.


There are some other things to consider as well with an Aurora. Dell has a lot of proprietary connectors and the way they interact with the BIOS can be an obstacle. If you haven't already, check out the Alienware owners forum on the Dell site. THere are multiple threads talking about this issue, challenges in doing it, and other choices. One of the reasons I chose the H80i, was it's fan control hub gave me a way to power the fans outside of the Dell BIOS. My only recourse through my native controls was to run the radiators fans at a fixed RPM.

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Thanks for the reply, c-attack. My biggest concern is the age of my current cooler. I understand the rads are basically the same, but the current alienware pump smothers the CPU in the case and seems to rely completely on the rad for cooling. In other words, the Corsair pump seems smaller and would allow better air flow around the CPU aside from the cooler doing it's thing. Maybe a some fresh thermal past wouldn't hurt as well.


I could be totally wrong, of course. So if I choose a model under the h80i (h50,60,70) will the BIOS recognize and work with the new hardware like nothing changed? That's what I'm aiming for here.


Also, it appears I need to purchase an additional mounting plate for the sub h80 models to work on a x79 board and the 2011 socket. Is this correct?


I've seen the headaches involving some sort of USB board connector and the H80i while browsing the Dell forums, so I'm trying to avoid that.

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My eyes..burn. So much reading. The obvious choice for an Aurora R4 seems to be the H80i. So the H80i it is.


However, I'm not interested in the whole Corsair Link thing, so can anyone confirm successfully installing this unit into an R4 WITHOUT the usb connection to the motherboard? I uninstalled command center years ago and the default system cooling profile does a fine job.


Can anyone here that has experience with Aurora R4s confirm the H80i will work without the Corsair Link or the bloated as hell Alienware Command Center software installed?


I'm most likely going to buy it anyway, but I love having as many answers as possible before hand.

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