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Corsair 250D PCI-E 'shim' availability?


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I'm new here and I've just finished building my 250D ITX build. I popped in my GPU to find that I must have an older version of the case, despite buying it in 2014 because my motherboard bends with the GPU installed! I raised a ticket with Corsair via the RMA site. They told me that they didn't have the shim available at the moment and they could either replace the whole case (not convenient but a very nice gesture) or I could wait for the shim to be available again.


My question is, will this shim be available soon or is it no longer being made? I mean, it's not my fault Amazon had old stock :[pouts: so I'd like to think that there will be some shims available soon. I did refrain from tightening the PCI-E screws all the way down because I didn't want to bend it too much. Has anyone else been waiting for a shim for a while?


Here's a close-up :bigeyes:



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