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K8N Neo2 Plat & FX-55 Pro series?

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Ok as I'm sure all of you know we constantly ask these questions even after reading as much as we can.


I am upgrading today from my older K8N Neo to this K8N Neo2 FX-55. My current memory is TwinX1024-3200LLPT 2226(the older stuff from a few years ago) and it will be going into my HTPC this winter. So when it does I will be wanting to upgrade to the Pro series memory from Corsair. Now I read everything I could on latency vs speed but I just need to hear others opinion myself.


I am a gamer and EXTREME enthusiast and I want the absolute best no comprimises.


My Rig in short:

MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum

Corsair TwinX Pro???

SB Audigy 2 ZS

BFG 6800 Ultra OC

numerous other items too many to mention :)


Simple should I stick with low latency modules or should I try and move on to higher mhz? Giving the fact my FX-55 runs at 2.6 should I not care about any more mhz and stick with the low latencies or should I push the memory bus to new heights using say DDR-500 or 550 and higher latencies...


I just want to know what "REALLY" gives the best results with these rigs and as us forum junkies know users hold the key?


Remember I want to get the Pro series TwinX kit.


Thanks for any help...


Your dedicated Corsair freak...





P.S. I am the Administrator of a large technology site called PlanetAMD64 so any helpfull info will be passed on to my users with proper credit going to Corsair... Hell Corsair is the only memory I recommend EVER.

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If it was my system, I'd go with the PC3200XL. It will OC pretty well (although not technically guaranteed by Corsair) and maintain very low latencies doing it. Based on what I read that gamers like and need, more pure FSB speed is good for more FPS. However, low latencies enhance gaming as there are LOTS of what is called "random reads" of the memory. LL memory handles this better than memory with higher latencies. So, IMO, the XL is by far the best combo of the 2. FWIW, I have run my XL on Intel systems up to 225mhz at the low latencies (2,3,2,5) my MOBOs can handle so I think you'll do fine.



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