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Are my RAM slots faulty?


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Hi All,


I've had several frustration filled days and really need some guidance but I'll avoid the horrible history and try and keep it brief.


The current situation is I've a new Intel Core i7 4820K in a new Asus Rampage IV Extreme and 4x4 Dominator cmd16gx3m4a2400c9 from my previous build. Now with all 4 sticks installed only the ones in slots A1 and B1 will show in the BIOS or Memtest86+. I swapped over the sticks and get the same results which for me confirms the sticks are OK. Now the question is does that indicate faulty slots on the MB?


P.S Also got a new Corsair AX860 in there so I don't suspect any PSU issues!

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I think I may have discovered the issue. The Dominator cmd16gx3m4a2400c9 is listed as 1.65v and the board wants 1.5v. Would this explain the problem and perhaps why that with only one stick installed the machine wouldn't start at all?


After looking at a some other posts that the Vengeance® — 32GB Dual/Quad Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMZ32GX3M4X1600C10) is my best option moving forward.

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