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H100i fans - question


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Hello again, I have question about: How H100i control plugged fans.


I have stock fans currently, they both have rattling sound but nothing extreme at all. But I want to upgrade them with SP120 pwm performance edition. I use my H100i as plug and play, without usb cable becouse I don't need CL and I haven't good experience with this software.


Will these new fans work fine if I only connect them into h100i connector? And if someone can tell me what speed I can expect and if h100i detect them on default, without software.


Currently, stock fans are not very noise expect this rattling sound, even in load.


Thanks for answer.


Have a nice day!

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I am not sure I understand all of your questions, but I'll try.


1) The SP120 Performance edition fans can run off your MoBo fan headers or the H100 controller as long as they are the PWM (2350rpm) version. They are a few 3 pin varients out there with lower RPMs. If you plug any of them into the H100 controller without the Link program installed, you will not be able to regulate their speed. If that's your play, I would recommend something with a lower top RPM. I don't know what speed the controller will default to without software. It could be a full 12v or it could be whatever the last setting was before uninstallation. Ignoring any risk to the controller, I would think you would want DC fans in the 1000-1200 rpm range. Anything more than that might be too loud for normal use.


2) Most people enjoy the SP120's far more than the grey 120L's that come with the package. Despite being essentially the same fan, the sound profile is a bit more pleasing. Obviously that's subjective, but it's hard to argue the SP120's black fans aren't more attractive at least.

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Thanks for answers. Yes, these are all information which I was looking for.

Even with stock fans I think it does not exceed 1500 RPM by the sound level. If SP120 will work at similar speeds, that should be fine for me. I want to eliminate that rattling from stock and of course design with white ring around SP120 is awesome.

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