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Help me test this


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I have a profile identical to the Default profile, with three exceptions (I have latest CUE and firmware).


1) I have re-mapped the ~ key to the number 9.


2) I have added a lighting effect to the number 1, which is a green light that lasts for 3 seconds, and I have set it to start ON KEY PRESS.


3) I have added a lighting effect to the number 2, which is a blue light that lasts for 5 seconds, and I have set it to start WITH MODE.


My issue here is that whenever the laptop starts-up and the profile is applied (since I've ticked the "Set as Default Profile"), the functions which relate to KEY PRESSES do not work until I either restart CUE, or, manually select a different profile then re-select the original profile.


What this means is that upon start-up, 1) and 2) from above do not work at all, but 3) works since that is not key-press-depedent. The WASD and Arrows lighting effects which are part of the default profile also work since they are set to start with mode too.


Can u guys please test this profile and see whether ur having the same issues as I am, or whether all functions are working correctly at start-up?


Thanks in advance! ::pirate::


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