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Lightning not working


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Hey guys,

so I bought my Corsair k70 RGB today, plugged into PC and installed the Corsair Software.

After few minutes creating a profile, lightning stopped working. I uninstalled the software and lightning turned on again. Then I installed it again and lightning stopped again. Lightning works only when I don't have Corsair Software installed, so I can't change colors, etc. :[pouts:

Are there any solutions for this ?

Sorry for my bad english :laughing:

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It sounds like there is no default profile on the software or the default profile's lighting in the software is black (no lights).


To test if is the default profile/no profile lightning to be black, You can change the keyboard's colour by selecting all the keys by dragging your mouse over the keyboard and click a colour from the selection below. (Profiles>Lighting)


If there is no profile, create one then follow the above steps and the L.E.D.s should turn on.

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Thanks for reply,

I tried what you said and it's still not working :/

L.E.D.s are still not lightning, even when I use downloaded profile, LEDs are still off.

When i uninstall the Corsair Software from PC, LEDs turns on, but in default (red + white) colors. When I install Software again, it turns off. :/

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