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Vengeance 2100 audio distortion


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Good evening folks,


I'd like to start out by saying I've owned my pair of 2100's since June 2014. In that time, the headset has quite literally grown on me (I hardly ever take them off while I'm at home) and I've been quite satisfied for the majority of the time I've owned them.


However, only a few months ago (I would guess mid-October 2014) I noticed a bit of distortion coming from my right ear cup on the headset while playing certain games or listening to music or videos with a lot of bass (bear in mind my settings had remained the same as when I first owned them.) It wasn't an issue for a while, as I hardly heard it except on certain notes.


Since that time, the distortion has slowly become much worse and much more noticeable. To give you an idea, listen to the opening sequence of Skyrim when the bass drums are pounded - tons of distortion is emitted, but only from the right ear cup.


This has led me to believe that the speaker in the right ear has been damaged, and I am completely out of ideas to solve the issue. I have tried many solutions such as changing audio from 7.1 to 5.1 or stereo, or downloading the drivers directly from Corsair but nothing has come of it and my problem is only getting worse.





I had that too, fortunately, I had the same issue with the Logitech G930, and even more fortunately, the solution was the same.


Go to your playback devices (right klick on the speaker symbol of your taskbar and select playback devices), then right klick on the entry of your headset.


Now you select "Speaker Setup" (or something similar, I don't know for sure what it's called in English). There, you change nothing when it asks for the channels (Stereo, 5.1, 7.1) and leave all the speakers ticked in the next dialogue.


Now you get to a dialogue where you only can tick two entries (Front Channels and Surround channels). Untick both entries and klick okay.


Now you go back to the playback devices and double click on your headset entry.


From there, go to the enhancements tab (if this tab is named differently, just klick through the tabs until you see one with a lot of checkboxes) and tick "Bass Redirection".


That should do it.


Notice that you will need to turn up the volume of your headset as bass redirection tends to lower the volume a bit, but the crackling should stop.


Hope this helps.



I used this solution I found on another forum post here by a person with a similar problem and it worked to relieve the distortion. However, it seems to have made any bass levels almost impossible to hear at all now, in addition to making the overall volume much, much quieter - which may be a solution but not one that I particularly like because of the difference in quality. I am still hoping that there is something Corsair themselves can do about this and I am open to suggestions.

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Well I am flabbergasted, but it seems that trying it on another pc has solved the issue. I connected the dongle to my laptop and noticed no distortion on a test video I was using, so I connected it back to my desktop and the distortion is completely gone.


This makes me one very relieved customer. Thanks for that advice Toasted.



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