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Problem with AX1200i


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So I have been experiencing some issue with my pc as it will not post, I ran a whole bunch of test with my mother board and even had it rma'd but that did not resolve the issue. I noticed though, when I put the 10 pin connector of my 24 pin cable into the power supply the power supply is unable to start up. If i disconnect that cable and use the self test with all other cables plugged into it the fans and lights all come on.


I was unable to find another thread with this issue and hope someone is able to help me out.





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I am having a similar issue was playing some BF4 last night when my pc just shut off and now wont boot back up. Just built this rig 6 months ago and the power supply wont even do its self test any more. The rog logo and power and reset switches on the mobo are lighting up when its plugged in but when I hit the power button to turn the system on the fan led flash real quick then nothing at all.
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Ok... Since we have three people with two different PSUs and three people with two different problems, I would rather this was three different threads, but.....


craigeh & Frann: The self test won't work with either halves of the 24-pin connector attached... PERIOD.


Could be a short. Try doing a bench test with just the PSU and the motherboard and see if you can at least get a post code out of the motherboard. Don't have the motherboard inside the case in case it's a short. Just put the motherboard on top of the motherboard box and try it there for starters. Then slowly build from there.


willie06: Sounds like you have a different issue. If the PSU won't even self test, it's dead and needs to be RMA'd.

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