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Carbide Spec 01 case noise

memphis raines

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I have recently bought a Carbide Spec 01 case, for the price this is an excellent looking case with lots of potential!


unfortunately it falls just slightly short in a couple of areas...


Firstly i have complemented my new build with a couple of Corsair parts,

the H105 AIO watercooler, 2 x AF140 (quiet edition) fans..


also running a passive EVGA G2 PSU and a Gigabyte geforce 970 gfx card


Outside of the case all of the Corsair fans are very quiet as they should be, however as soon as they are bolted into the case the hum from the case becomes extremely prominent, this is made even worse when the side panels are fitted.


this resonance is causing excess noise from my triple fan gfx card also.


I can dampen the front fans with rubber anti vibration mounts, however i cannot do the same with the top mounted dual fan radiator.


rubber screw isolation fittings in the holes for the fan mounts would solve this problem.



there then also is the 2nd problem, the radiator mounted into the top of the case has to be squeezed in to get the screws to line up.


This is a corsair cooler in a corsair case... a little bit of pre production testing would have seen this and just a tiny bit less metal on the drive bays in the top of the case would have solved this.



Also Rubber feet not solid plastic, and a bigger psu fan vent on the bottom of the case



Obviously this is a budget case, i understand this, and the spec 02 may have been the better choice, however there was limited to non existent availability of the 02 leaving me no choice at this price point.


this humming is driving me insane hah! spoiling what could a really nice case!

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