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HX850i and SLI - 2 Video Cards on Same Power Cable?


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i just installed my HX850i and all is great and working. i just want to make sure i am installing it the best way possibly.


I am using a single (6+2) cable from the PSU (the port that is labeled 6+2 on the top right corner of the back of the PSU, it is right next to the CPU power port).


since it has dual 6+2 connections at the end i use 1 for each of my cards.


i know some cards have dual 6pin connections on the same card.


so my question is, is it safe/recommended to run 2 cards on 1 cable, or is that cable meant to provide power to a singe card and i should be using 2 separate cables?


if i do need 2 separate cables, is there any specific port on the psu i should use, or any of the peripheral ports?


thank you,



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