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CML16GX3M4A16900C9 - errors with memtest86 when all banks full


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in my P9X79 Deluxe Board (i7 3930K) I've been testing around now for a while. First I suspected the Power Supply, then the Raid Card, then the board.


However, the Board has been tested by ASUS in their Repair Centre and they say it's fine. Anyway, the system showed incosinstencies which became better after reaseating all parts but it never went away.


So I did a memtest with memtest86, all first with single core, no Errors, Then I enabled all cores and volià - first Errors came up.


I speeded down the 32 Gig to 1333 and again Errors occured,


I took half of the memories away and there were no Errors.


I added another two Banks and there were no Errors


I speeded up to 1600 and no errors


I added the last two and an error came up again.


I removed the two other Banks and there are no Errors again


---> That's strange. It seems to me that somehow, when the system is fully engaged with Memory, there are inconsistencies.


Can please make somebody an advise?

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Today I've got a bluescreen and I started memtest again. Using 4.3.7 in Standard Settings shows Errors in the first run in the Memory 0-4 GB of 32.


Until now it's 1 error in test 6 and 63 Errors in test 7.


I assume there's a Memory DIMM defect which makes me crazy for three months now ...


Am I correct, can I RMA these (a single DIMM, the whole set or both sets in order to save me additional work)?


I've also made a picture:



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Hi, I don't know what Corsair's official policy re returns under such circumstances is, but I had a similar problem when I bought four sets of Vengeance Pro DDR3 2400 RAM and testing revealed that three of the eight modules were faulty; I just returned the whole lot to the Retailer I bought them from for an exchange set of similar modules.


It might depend on how helpful the retailer of the RAM you bought is, or it might be entirely up to Corsair; I'm not sure, but I hope this story helps.

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