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Front panel wires don't match up with mobo


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I am trying to build my first computer. I'm using the Corsair 780T and a mobo from another company. I can't match up the front panel connection wires to the mother board. The mobo has an "M-Connector" to simplify installation. You're supposed to insert the front panel wires into the "M-Connector" and insert the M-Connector into the MOBO at a pinned connection spot called JFP1 (on the mobo and in the manual) The M-Connector has two sides with printed names of the connections indicating where the front panel wires get plugged in:


One side: The other side:




Pwr SW + RST SW-






There's also a JFP2 M connector. and pins on the mobo to accept this module. But that only has a connection for speaker, buzzer on one side and PLED, SLED on the other.


The wires coming out of the front panel of the Corsair 780T have the following labels:


Reset SW


Power LED +

Power LED -

Power Switch


As you can hopefully see, the Corsair 780T wires do not match up with the other company's mobo labeling. Can someone tell me where I am supposed to connect the wires from the Corsair 780T to a mobo that has the above names for the connections?


The MOBO manual states: "The JFP1 connector is compliant with the Intel Front Panel I/O Connectivity Design Guide."

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Thanks for responding.


I got JFP1 connected with the correct wires from the Corsair 780T Case front panel. (Simple once I got it.)


But there is also a JFP2 connector on the MSI X99S SLI Plus mobo. It is supposed to have Speaker, Buzzer, Power LED, Suspend LED, and Ground wires connected to it. Do you know where those wires are? Or why there aren't any?



There are ten more cables/wires coming out of the Corsair 780T case. (None of them would fit into the JFP2 connector.) One is labeled USB. Another is labeled Audio. I can find a USB connector on the MSI mobo. But not a connector for the audio Audio cable. And I have no idea what the other eight wires/cables are or where they are supposed to be connected. Could you tell me where the ten cables coming out of the front panel get connected?

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The only mobo front panel connectors you need are the ones Dustin pointed out. Power Switch, Power LED, Hard Drive LED and Reset Switch, they go on your Asus connector block that plugs into the motherboard front I/o panel header.


The other cables are for things like the case fan controller which will have a molex power connector and the fan connectors, you then have the USB 3 and USB 2 front panel cables. You plug the USB 2 front port cable to the USB header port on your motherboard which are usually on the bottom row of the motherboard, they will say things like F_USB1, F_USB2, F_USB3 etc, it doesn't really matter which one you use.


The USB 3 header which is a bigger connector will go to the USB 3 header on your motherboard, it's quite big and you won't miss it, your motherboard manual will show you where it is. The front Audio connector which is for the front Mic and Front headphones goes to the F_Audio header which again is usually on the bottom row on your motherboard, probably in the far bottom left hand corner or close to there.

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There are two cables left I still am not sure of. One of them I'm pretty sure is the molex cable (fan controller you stated above). I'm assuming that gets connected to a molex cable that comes out of my PSU (it's being shipped to me now). The other cable has two pins. Do you know what that cable is for and what it gets connected to?
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Mostly standard cables for any case but as per: http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/6641/corsair-graphite-780t-full-tower-chassis-review/index4.html




As we untangled all of the wiring, we found out what everything here was for. There is the LED and button wiring off to the left, followed by six, four-pin fan connections, and the SATA power plug for the fan controller. There is also a Molex connector to power all of the LEDs, and that leaves the USB 2.0, native USB 3.0, and the much longer HD audio connections off to the right side.
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I have two cables I'm still not sure what they are called or what their purpose is.

Someone in a forum somewhere suggested I upload a photo of the cables I'm not sure about. Unfortunately, I can't find his post now. Anyway can anyone tell me the purpose of the two cables on the right. (The left cable is for the case fan, but it has three pins and he said it should have two, I think.)



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The 3 pin is for one of your fans, the middle one is a Sata power connector for your fan controller, the last one is a 2 pin molex which is probably for the lighting on your case, sometimes a molex power connector doesn't need to have all 4 pins.


Things like fan controllers can use either molex or sata power, that's down to individual manufacturers which they choose. When you connect the power to your optical drive just use one of the other sata power connectors on the same cable to power your fan controller, it's a daisychain cable to allow you to power multiple sata powered devices from the same cable, same with the multiple connector molex cable.

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Sorry to bump such an old thread, but as far as the wires in the Molex plug go, why are there so many (combined into each positive/ground)? I know there's an LED in the front panel, for the top clear area, but are the rest of the wires for the lighting on the top of the I/O panel? And/or, are there any other LEDs?


I removed/replaced the front panel fans, but I didn't check to see if the stock ones had LEDs in them (I assume they did, because of all the pictures that I've seen with fans lit up).


Anyway, I'm trying to clean up and remove any unnecessary wires. I've already removed the fan wires, since I am not using the I/O panel as a fan controller, but is there anything else I can remove?


Thanks everyone.

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  • Corsair Employees

We don't really design these just to see how many wires we can actually make our customers contend with. Switch and LED connectors are typically a single two-pin connector with the power LED being two separate connectors for compatibility's sake (some motherboards have the two pins next to each other and some have them separated by a third pin).


The 780T adds a power lead for the large front lighting as well as a power lead and fan ports for the fan controller.

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