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350D and H80i Mounting and Fan Direction Questions


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First post! I just got a Corsair Obsidian 350D uATX case for a SCREAMING deal through TigerDirect and my Bank of America deals here:



The only thing that I have heard "bad" about this case is that the front intake fans APPEAR to be choked a bit by the front panel that is oh-so-super-clean looking. I have no actual data to support this, but it certainly did get my mind churning on the best way to set up the intake/exhaust fans to "flow" in the best, positive pressure setup.


The other gripe that I have heard with this unit is that the H80i coolant tubes are like 1" too short to route the radiator to the front of the case, leaving either a top-mounted option or mounting to the rear. I have seen pictures where mounting the uber-thick radiator + 2 fan thicknesses takes up a LOT of the surface area of the MoBo and just kinda looks "clunky" on the back.


I liked the sound of the Cougar fans in the bundle that I bought because they appear to have pretty darn good flow for the RPM (62ish @1200rpm) and they have pretty lights :laughing:


Would i be silly to set up my fans in the manner that is attached to this thread? Mounting the H80i to the rear of the case in a push-pull manner with the standard H80i as the push, a red Cougar fan as the pull (partly for the lighting ability only), running 2 of the Cougar fans in Pull out of the top and the standard Corsair fans as intake from the front?


Are there any other suggested H80i mounting setups for this case? I was trying to figure out how to set up a decent top-down cooling setup, but that just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.


Now, the only reason I purchased the H80i was for the previoius case that I was using showed that it fit really well in a front, low, factory location but the cable management of the case leaves a lot to be desired.


Any thoughts, comments, experience or whatever is greatly appreciated!!




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Okay, so what you're really going to want to do is use a matched pair of fans on the H80i. Your airflow layout is, if nothing else, worth experimenting with, but it doesn't seem like a bad idea necessarily.


Do i NEED to use a matched pair on the H80i? I have seen a few people use mis-matched fans on their H80i and I understand that you want similar, if not identical volume air flows from each fan.


Can i assume that airflow is proportional to fan voltage? So at 6V (which should equate to about 1350rpm) = approximately 35cfm on the stock fans?


Am i just over-complicating things there lol?

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You're overcomplicating things. ;)


You don't *need* to use a matched pair on the H80i, it's not like it'll just stop working, but it's best practice.


While airflow is proportional to fan voltage, each fan has a different voltage-to-airflow curve. Not all fans are created equal.

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