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SP2500 with Arcam rPAC external DAC


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I've been given a present of an Arcam rPAC external DAC.


I can't see any way to connect it into my SP2500 PC desktop system other than by buying a new separate amplifier.


Am I correct or am I missing a trick?


I tried Corsair Help.....they just said I didn't need a separate external DAC.....the Corsair sound quality was good enough!:evil:

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If your external DAC connects does not directly connect to the sound card. yes it will bypass the soundcard on your computer. Though i'm not sure if the SP2500 has its own kind of "DAC" in it.


It's totally up to you if you want to try it, If you don't have any RCA audio cables (could try composite or compment AV cables instead) it will be the money spend on the cables is what you would lose. i cannot make any guarantees that it would work or if you would notice improved sound ,etc. Chances of it damaging the SP2500? i cannot think of any possible issues that may somewhat damage the unit.

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