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Voyager Air 1 - Issues (Probably more than one!)


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Okay, I've spent the last 3hrs trying to fathom out why the hell this think won't connect. Lets start with some basics.


Using a MacBook Air and & iPad Mini.


App version is 2.3.0.

Via the browser connecting to it says my Firmware version is 1.2.7


I've downloaded the Firmware 2.0.17 and deposited this on the root folder of the drive. I've ejected the drive. Unplugged from Mac, started back up, used the App and it won't connect, "Scanning" - "No Drives Connected". So I use the browser on my mac. It doesn't say anything anywhere to allow me to update the firmware. This is the same for 2.0.17 AND 2.3.0


It's started to grate on me that something so basic cannot be achieved.


If I can browse the drive on my iPad and Mac, surely I'm attached? Why then does the App not allow me.


Happy to receive some helpful advice to fix this rather annoying black box!!



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After the app update for both iOS and Android, FW 2.X is the minimum firmware required for it to work.


Delete the FW 2.3.0 firmware update file from the root folder and leave FW 2.0.17 inside, safely eject the drive and turn off the unit. Plug the Voyager Air to the included wall using the included wall adapter and charging cable then turn the unit on. The unit should now be updating its firmware (Indicated by flashing/blinking Wi-Fi icon). After that you can then update the firmware to the latest which would be version 2.3 by doing the same.


While its not noted in the document and not required, i would highly recommend you backup the data stored on the Voyager Air in case a problem does occur during the update.

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Maybe it's me and my lack of skills? Although, the only firmware I can see in the root folder is the firmware that I've deposited on the drive.


I did configure the drive to Mac, Journaled and Secure. Is this my issue, because my Mac couldn't write to the drive on receiving it.


What do you suggest?

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Secure as in encrypted? That may be the issue. Though i am not aware of any issues with the firmware update on a Voyager Air partitioned to a Mac OS Extended Journaled format.


Backup your data and format the drive to the regular Mac format and try the firmware update. If it does not work, see if you can format the drive to NTFS and use a different computer to copy the file onto the drive.

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Cheers Toasted, you've got it. Being that it was encrypted it wasn't possible to connect. I'm fairly new to the Mac, I guess it's a learning curve.


First version has installed, and now working on 2.3 - iPad is now communicating correctly with the drive.


thanks for your help - really appreciated.

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