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axi 760 compatibility with Asus motherboards


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hi guys,


is anyone aware of any compatibility between axi760 and the asus x99 deluxe motherboard.


I have everything connected besides the graphics card. I started the system up, everything is ok for the first two minutes approx, then I start hearing a high pitch sound and it seems to be coming from the motherboard, not 100% sure though, when I press the reset button on the motherboard the sound goes away and comes back after two minutes when the motherboard error code displays AE (legacy boot event) after the d6 error code (no graphics card). if I disconnect all sata devices I do not get the AE (legacy boot event )error code and no high pitched sound after two minutes. thus its not the h80i.

i have tried another axi 760 psu, now with this psu the light on the h80i (that lights up the text corsair) did not light up but the fan connected to the h80i was running and the optical and hard drives connected to the same sata ribbon sounded like their were running but this time no high pitch sound and no AE error code from the motherboard. Is this a psu issue or a motherboard issue?

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  • Corsair Employee
Could be something as simple as one of the devices plugged into the cable has a short. I would start with essentially only devices (only what's required to get POST) and then plug things in one at a time until you get the noise.
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