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Removing an H100 Backplate


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Hi all,


I've had my H100 installed for a couple of years now, and I need to replace the cooler (pump has failed). Unfortunately, it seems that I must've been stupid enough to peel the backing off the double sided tape before I installed the cooler originally, because this backplate has become completely bonded with the back of the motherboard, and I can get it off.


I'm using a Rampage IV formula motherboard (socket 2011), and the backplate has built in nuts that pass through the mobo holes from the back. The reason I mention this is that these threaded tubes make it impossible to slip some dental floss behind the back of the backplate as has been suggested on this forum.


I have also tried heating up the backplate with a hairdryer in oder to soften up the adhesive. Despite the backplate getting too hot for me to comfortably touch, the backplate remains stubbornly attached.


Please, doe anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get this damn backplate off? It seems to me to be rather silly of Corsair to put double sided tape on their backplates if they are then impossible to remove. Granted, I was stupid enough to use it.


Please please help, I've been without my PC for a week how, since the H100 broke down, while waiting for suppliers to reopen after the new year so I could get a replacement. Now I have one, but I can't install the thing!!


EDIT: Don't mind me, I've just discovered what an idiot I am. The backplate on the 2011 mobos are actually factory fitted, and can't be removed. The cooler uses a different connection to these motherboards. What an idiot I am, I just hope that all of my yanking around hasn't damaged anything!!

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