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H105 VS asus maximus VII ranger


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I have bought an Corsair H105 AIO cooler and have build it on a Maximus VII ranger motherboard.

Now i have the feeling that it works ok BUT.. some say that i should connect the pump to the CPU_header and some say plugg it to a molex_3pin power adapter...

What is better? cause now im a bit confused iff i plugg the pump into another CPU_opt or chasis im getting an error Qled code "00" on my motherboard ,in other words it only works in CPU header.


Also the Corsair logo on the pump (Led )seems to get lighter when on load en darker when on idle is this normal?


thanks in advance!


PS: i have look all over Google but all the same things..

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thank u for replying, i did do that and works fine now.

but i still have one question though..


When i turn on my pc the fans are extremely loud for a minute or so.. and than it all turns quiet is there a way to let the pc fans turn on slow instead of full throttle?

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