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Command Module Concept

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Well, after drawing inspiration from the community I thought I would finally throw in a contribution as well. After viewing draone kj's profile, 39, I was astonished that the keyboard could produce amazing results with synced lighting effects.


Name: Function Concept


I am far from finished but, here's one of my simplified concepts I thought would be cool to share.


-Easy color change options (if you know how to)

-Escape Button pulses Red

-Orange Border

-QWERTY and G-keys with a simplified white wave

-5 alternating letters (1-2-3-4-5, Y-A-K-O-V)

-Cyan function keys

-Pause/Play/Stop Flashing Indicators

-Numpad not finished yet.

-Extravagant web-camera operator


Video: [ame]http://youtu.be/1azbsOSZStc[/ame]




Edit: oops, filesize too big.

Functionality Lighting Concept.zip

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