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Just got the keyboard and had an issue


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I setup the keyboard to stay solid white and another for the lights to wave red green blue from the center out.


When I am in windows using it it does as expected but If I lock the computer the keyboard is white except for wsad and arrows they are red, I have no clue why. I would like the keyboad to do the same thing when windows is locked white with colored wave.


Thats one issue.


The other is I was playing titan fall and the keyboard lit solid white however the keys on the left and right side turned green. I have no profile that did this.


I could not get the keyboard to go back like it was so I had to reboot the computer.


I did the firmware update, If this thing is buggy I will take it back I spent to much for these strange problems to happen on the first day of having it.


What is your experience with the keyboard, I really like the whole mechanical keys thing?

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Everything fine with my K70 RGB. I only have the steam issues that are well known of (temporary fix: first start steam, then start CUE).


Have you tried saving the profile to the keyboard's memory?


Next to the profile drop down menu click the three horizontal lines>"Save Profile to Device Memory"


Do that, since the red white theme is the standard corsair theme on the keyboard memory.

Whatever you will save there will lid up without CUE software running (but no animation, just the static lighting).


Ghost lighting with colors I never set in software never happened for me. I have no idea where the green comes from in your case, sorry. Are you sure, it's not some effect or different profile? Is it gone when you change to your default profile? Did you take a picture by chance?

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Now when I lock the computer the keyboard turns off.


I want it to stay solid white and then wave RGB. If the wave is not possible when locked then the solid white would be okay.


For some reason it just turns off the lighting when locked now.

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You will need to check your BIOS settings/and or your power settings and see if you can change the setting that turns the keyboard off upon sleep. When the CUE software is not running the keyboard lighting is static. Sorry not very descriptive but haven't had coffee.
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Okay it was my fault I did not understand how the software works.


I had the keys assigned no colors on the profile then used groups that were solid colors thinking this would work when the computer was locked.


I had to select the colors from the main form and it started working after I saved it to device.


Maybe there should be a note on the main form stating colors not assigned via a group are considered static and will be saved as the default to device.

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