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H75 Installation Instructions Request


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Good day.


I am helping the son of a friend build a machine remotely. We selected the H75 cooler. I am here looking for an electronic soft-copy of the instructions for same and am unable to find them - either on Corsair's main site, or here, in these forums.


Can someone post a link to a .pdf set of instructions for the H75?


I've watched the videos and what not but am not finding any answers regarding radiator orientation with respect to gravity (i.e. can the radiator be be mounted horizontally (i.e. in a manner where it exhausts out of the case's top, or is a vertical orientation required (where it exhausts out the back - liquid & gravity concerns here))?


Also, I am interested in, if a vertical mount of the radiator is recommended, what the recommended orientations of the radiator with respect to the liquid tubes are (i.e. is installing the radiator with the tubes on the bottom of the radiator required, or is an orientation with the radiator tubes on the sides or top of the radiator acceptable?


Additionally, I've seen comments regarding the orientation for the backing ring and I'd like to see the OEM's guidance on this as well (we are building an intel based system - Socket 1150): "I checked online, and apparently the mounting bracket, although completely symmetrical, HAS JUST ONE WAY TO BE INSTALLED on the back of the motherboard. It has 2 notches that have to be oriented upward. Because the backplate is symmetrical and fits at whatever orientation you want, you never assume you've installed it incorrectly."


Please advise. Thank you, in advance.



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