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Internal Server Error Message in Web Client and iOS APP

Cee Bee

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I just got this message for the first time after transferring some files to the Voyager Air 1 via USB, something I do most weeks since I purchased the drive in the spring. When I was done, I tried to access the VA via the Web Client. The screen never completely loaded. When I clicked on Videos or settings, etc., I got the Internal Server Error message. Ditto when I used the iOS app.


I Googled and found a thread from last summer detailing a similar problem. The solution then was to reload the firmware - 2.0.17. In his comments at that time Bill R, the Corsair Products Manager, says that 2.0.17 is "a "rescue" image, so it will auto-start when the drive is power-cycled."


I'm fairly sure the current firmware 2.3 will not auto-start, so I'm wondering if I should revert to 2.0.17, then update to 2.3?


BTW the DLNA server on the drive is still working, but the folders/files I just added are not there, since I could not update the DLNA Library

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What firmware is the Voyager Air currently on?


Deleting the .vapoc folder on the Voyager Air then restarting the unit should fix the internal server error.


Thank you! That fixed it. That was much easier than reloading software. (What is the .vapoc folder?)


For the past few weeks, when I attached the VA drive via USB, the Scan and Fix utility came up, but no errors were found. Just now, when I reattached the USB after deleting the .vapoc folder, the utility didn't come up. I wonder if this is related?


Again, thank you.

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I think the .vapoc folder is like an index of the drive for the app and other media features the drive has.


Not sure about the scan and repair pop-up, Safely ejecting the drive then turning it off and unplugging after should prevent the notification.

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