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Connect H110 to molex?


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I am currently building a new system and need some help with my fans and where/how to connect them. I have a Corsair H110 pump as heading says.. A Corsair 450D chassie and Asus VII Hero motherboard.


Asus VII Hero has 4x CHA_FAN headers + CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT. And I have in total 5 fans (2x140mm front, 1x120mm rear stock + H110 Fans (replaced with NF-A14 ippc 2000 PWM fans)


And so far as I've read, it is important to keep the H110 pump (or all other pumps) connected so it runs at 100% all the time.


I want to set the voltage down to 8-9V on the Noctua fans, as they then perform the same as H110 stock fans, but will run at 20dB instead of 35dB with stock fans.



How would you best do this?


I was thinking about connecting H110 pump to molex, as it then will run at 100% all the time, as recommended.. Then connect Noctua fans to CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT and volt them down to 8-9V. Then connect the Chassie fans to CHA_FAN headers.




Connect H110 pump to CPU_FAN as recommended. Then Connect rear fan to molex and Noctua CPU fans + two front fans to CHA_FAN headers..




Connect two front fans to CHA_FAN with Y-split to CHA_FAN, and Noctua CPU fans + rear fan to CHA_FAN and H110 pump to CPU_FAN. This way all fans will be connected to CHA_FAN and I can voltage control all of them with Asus Fan Xpert. In my MB manual it says CPU_FAN header can take fans up to 1A and 12W, it doesn't say anything about CHA_FAN and CPU_OPT fan.. Don't know if they're rated the same.. Noctua fans use 0,18A/2,16W each at 12V.



Please advise me what would be best or other suggestions. What I mostly depend on is to set my Noctua fans to 8-9V, rest can run on 100% as they are quite silent.



Thanks in advance

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I would pick the first option. Connect the pump to the PSU via Molex and plug the fans into the motherboard fan headers.


If you do run into problems such as high CPU temperatures. Plug the pump into the CPU_FAN with any fan control disabled then check the pump RPM in the BIOS.

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