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Problem with 900d case


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So ive rebuilt my pc after being told by the "experts" I had a faulty motherboard. Turns out after alot of time spent mucking around with things its the hot swap inside the case the three bays at the bottom of the case that have pre wiring for power and sata cables is this a common problem and am I able to simply just replace that unit piece?

Computer shop I bought it from want the whole case(same shop that told me I had a faulty motherboard as it was the only thing I could not test at home hence me taking it to the shop and not only replaced board i replaced chipset and had to get DDR4 ram adds up quickly as the week before i replaced the power supply unit as well thinking it could be the problem however it still wouldnt boot) Its turned into quite an expensive exercise since all I wanted to do was upgrade my case.

Currently in the process of rebuilding the old motherboard in my old case to prove nothing wrong with that motherboard.

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the o/s system was in a normal bay up top as its an ssd. my opinion is there is a short inside one of those hotswaps which is causing a problem with the power supply there fore it wont even boot as its drawing too much current or some other issue with the power supply. because as soon as u disconnect the hot swap bays it'll boot fine no problems at all.

i'll submit a ticket though.

also side note built up my old motherboard etc and it works fine.

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