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Just wanted to release this simple profile, I wanted one that could color each key per key-press and here it is.

I initially had no effect on it and only the key lighting but I added a blue wave that lights the keyboard up while you type and I thought it looked cool enough to keep.

I'll probably end up making a bunch of different colors of this and may end up putting them here.


(The red tint is from some red l.e.ds I have shining on the keyboard, not from the profile.)

Here is a fast video, no it isn't professional and I don't care (RATM - Bulls on Parade is playing in the background so you might want to turn it down or mute it):



If you want more info about the keycaps, PM me to keep it out of the thread.

Updated all profiles, certified consistency. (Brightness and winlock key were escaping my grasp before; no longer).

For maximum variety I will most likely do the opposite profiles of each color (EX: Red/Black vs Black/Red) and change how they are listed; I also have winamp skins like these if anyone is interested (Hope it isn't against the rules to mention that? -shrug-)


I will put a bullet point (•) next to the most recently added profile(s) and an Asterisk (*) next to those fixed/updated; a Carrot (^) will be placed next to alternate colors that are within the zip file.


'ReactiveTypingAllColors' includes all files listed:

Original: Blue and Green version; RTGB.

Black and Red version, RTBR; ^Red and Black version, RTRB.

Pink and Silver version, RTCB. (Cherry Blossoms)

Purple and Silver version, RTPS.

Silver and Blue version, RTSB.

Celestial Twilight Special version, RTCT.

Fire, Special version; RTFI.

X Dimension Special version, RTXD.

Red, Black, Green (Dead Prez - Tho it Up); RTRBG.

Red and Silver version, RTRS.

Gold and Platinum version, RTGP.

Creme Coffee version, RTCC.

Red and Orange version, RTRO.

Lemon Drop version, RTLD.

Orion Nebula version, RTOR.

Black, Green, Blue version, RTBGB.

Purple and Blue version, RTPB.







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Nice profile dude!


also where'd you get those keycaps >.> ?


Custom made.

I made them myself with a Dremel. Get a small low rpm dremel and a sanding bit and you can shave off the sides to 'release' more light. :)

As for the keycaps themselves, they are from another keyboard manufacturer.

Thanks btw.

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