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Big problems... again, with replacement!


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Hello again,


I have posted here last month because I had a bad memory stick so you gave me an RMA number, I returned my memory and you sent back to me an other memory stick... so far so good.


Here's the problem: the memory bank I got gives me troubles, troubles and troubles. Again I tested my RAM with Memtest. I'm supposed to run my computer with two memory banks. The one I kept (not returned to you) has been tested with Memtest on and on and I got no error at all. I switched that memory stick in all four positions of my motherboard and I always have the same result: no error at all. So the memory stick you shipped me is not working well at all. First of all, my computer was acting very strangly when I ran it with that new module. So I decided to test it with Memtest in all four positions possible. Here are the results of the test for one pass and at each pass it is the same: test 1, 654 errors; test 2, 120; test 3, 4262; test 4, 14072; test 5, 235; test 6, 109 and test 7, 436. The total of errors change a bit from pass to pass, but I always have around 19000 errors.


Here's my specs:


Motherboard: Asus P4C800E-Deluxe

CPU: Pentium 4 at 3.0 Ghz

Memory: CMX512-3500C2 (2x in dual mode)

Bios: the latest (build date: 10/26/04)


AI overclock tuner: manual

CPU external frequency: 200

DRAM frequency: 400

CPU Vcore voltage: 1.6000V

DDR reference voltage: 2.85V

Performance mode: standard


Configure DRAM timing by SPD: disabled

DRAM CAS# Latency: 2.0 clocks

DRAM RAS# precharge: 3 clocks

DRAM Ras# to CAS# delay: 3 clocks

DRAM precharge delay: 7 clocks

DRAM burst length: 8 clocks

Performance acceleration mode: enabled

DRAM idle timer: auto

DRAM refresh rate: auto


I hope one day I'll have my computer the way it was before one of the RAM module gave up. I don't understand why the module I received gives me nothing but errors.


So what I'm requesting again is an RMA number.


Prior of shipping, a person from the RMA dept. called me to tell me that they had found a module of XMS3500. I thought at the time that I was lucky... finally the module is not good.


Thank you again

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