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Hello all! I'm starting a new build in a 780T, and while he case is almost perfect for my needs, I'll still be doing a few mods. My biggest issue with the case is the I/O /fan controller area and the mess of wires associated with it. Instead of using what's supplied, I'll be using a Lamptron CF525 to control all fans and lighting. I'll be replacing the I/O area with a single vandal resistant power button and an XSPC temp monitor to monitor coolant temp. So back to my original question...


What would be the best method for filling that space in terms of a body filler? Any suggestions on brand/type?


I ultimately want something that will fill the holes, never crack, but also won't take tons of prep work...


Pictures of my current progress below:biggrin:









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this would depend on the area size honestly,things can be welded,adding metal ect..,,the max thickness of your filler is most important and pics will help

are you trying to connect the white area?


The piece that I am trying to fill is plastic so welding will not be an option the thickness is about 1/8 in addition to the depth of the port cut-outs. The piece below is the piece in question..





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In order to use a filler,you will need to make a template and glue it on the opposing side,then most any kind of body filler can be used to fill the openings.

you also could just make a cover to hide the openings...


After doing more research on filler compounds and techniques and the results i think I will just do a cover plate instead! THanks for the input @wytnyt!

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