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Corsair Hydro H80 Broken

Merrick King

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So I bought my friend's rig from them about half a year ago, and found it used a Hydro H80, which has worked perfectly fine since.


A few hours ago I opened up my case because I've been planning to get a couple new fans, and unplugged the H80 from my motherboard to move come cabling around. I plugged it back in, but when I turned my computer back on the profile lights weren't on, the fans turned on full speed for a few seconds, but longer than usual (it usually does that on start up before lowering to what I have it set to), then the fans just stopped working too. Now whenever I turn my pc on, the profile lights stay off, and the fans come on for maybe half a second then turn off again.


So far I've tried to reset the firmware on my H80 using methods described online, and clearing my CMOS chip to reset my mobo BIOS.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. :/


EDIT: After clearing my CMOS chip the fans at least started, but now they've stopped. I'm not sure if that's to do with my mobo returning it to what it previously was through some kinda back-up feature...

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If the profiles lights on the H80 are not lit, its probably dead. If the H80 is still in warranty (five years from purchase date), contact your friend and ask them to do an RMA to replace it. (requires the receipt)


If it's out of warranty and the pump is still cooling the CPU, you can plug the fans elsewhere e.g. motherboard and control the fans from there. The dead controller will not affect the pump's operation.

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