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Wierd issue


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So, I come back home after xmas with a new GTX970 to install.


I'd unplugged my machine from the mains while I was away, so I plug it in power it up and get a no keyboard message from the bios...


I notice that the backlight on the keyboard is lit, but changing colour and flickering...

All other usb devices are OK


Try a different port on the motherboard - same result

Try one of the front ports - same result


Plug in a spare keyboard (old basic Microsoft keyboard) and its fine, so I figure the K50 has a problem.


But, as a last test I plug it into my Thinkpad and it works perfectly, backlit and working....


I switch off the backlighting while it is attached to my Thinkpad, and plug it back into my main rig and it works.

I then hit the backlight button and it reverts to strobing the colours and flickering.




Last test I remember I have a USB3 card that I never use (U3S6 - I use the SATA ports) I plug it in there and its fine and working normally.


So the upshot is it won't work with the backlight enabled in the mobo USB ports (any of them)


I am going to assume the PCE-E U3S6 card is powered off the 12V rail and the mobo USB is on 5V.


I've checked the voltages in HWmonitor and they are within specs, but the 5V is rapidly jumping between 4.97 and 4.93 (as in all the time up/down up/down)


Could this be PSU related? or Keyboard?

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Latest BIOS and chipset.


PSU *looks* OK - machine is rock solid, and normally I'd expect to see instability.

No other USB devices are showing any issues, so the board is OK as far as I can see


Weird that it works OK on the USB3 card / and another machine though....


I have reflashed the K50 and initially that seemed to do it, but it went started behaving oddly again after 48 hours and reflashing again does not change it.

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