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Less OEM Software / tool is better .... like A LOT BETTER !


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Hello, first day X99 motherboards and shiny new i7s came out I ordered X99-Deluxe mobo, 5930K CPU, 4 sticks of Dominator Platinum 16GB ($500 bucks ! just on ram) high end case, PSU basically high end parts and as CPU cooler I decided to go with AIO Closed Loop Liquid cooling solution. An H100i. Now please understand this is back in September, I am writing on January 2, 2015 so I had a loooot of time to play to to get all kinks out of my system. And here are my findings about few things (not only cooling). Less OEM software is absolutely better for system. Let me begin with why most people are here Corsair Cooling. In my case when I first installed cooler right away I installed all drivers for mobo and updated everything and got latest Corsair Link software and USB driver .....end ... like a looot of peopel here nothing happened Corsair link simply couldn't find my pump ... or FANS no matter what I've do nothing helped. Uninstall, re install nothing. So I looked if drivers are problem (yellow mark or something in device manager , nope all good I do see Corsair USB device) so I decided to hot swap USB cable that connect Pump to motherboard, and what you know Corsair link right away managed to find a pump and 2 fans connected. Only later on I saw that some people actually found exact method to get it to work, no matter no big deal. Because pump work out of it's internal programming and have nothing to do with Corsair link. In my opinion don't even install Corsair link and let your BIOS control all aspects of the fan and power distribution. Corsair link for one or another reason STILL not perfect and a lot of people having huge problem with that.


Only one thing that I wish that corsair link "flash" pump with color combo once and for all so you don't need it anymore. Let's say I want to have color match my CPU temperature but I don't want to have corsair link software on. So I would like to load corsair link, "flash" pump with settings I want, uninstall link and just have pump programmed with color settings I want. Or may be I don't use Windows at all may be I use Ubuntu you know. So I wish it was a bit better.


Same thing let's say about ASUS AI Suite but x1000 worse. All settings in there are duplicate of BIOS but completely messing with your system so anyone with ASUS board, delete AI Suite and use ONLY BIOS to set all aspects of system, profiles and stuff it's all there in BIOS.


Anyhow just trying to figure out this color thing and how to do with without keeping Link installed.

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As a sidenote, it's a documented issue that AI Suite and Corsair Link don't get along at all.


Please tell me the URL that documents this.


I feel there should be a sticky thread that specifies this and similar information.

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I recall dozen of times mods have mentioned the Aisuite conflict not to mention countless times users have also,so its more than well documented..

Its the purpose of forums after all...


No, well known, but not well documented. There are lots of posts that can be found if you bother look, this this should be stated in the http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=677809 post.


This was 6 months ago lol.


I choose this thread as given this was a known issue 6 months ago it is clear Corsair have had more then enough time to do this. :brick::rofl:

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