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Hydro H110 fan rattle on Carbide 500R


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I've read a few posts in different website message boards about fan rattle noise on H110 fans. I just installed an H110 in a Corsair Carbide 500R and had the same problem.


First, about my install. I mounted the H110 on the top (the only real logical choice on the 500R), with the radiator on the inside and the two 140mm fans on the outside, and the 500R metal cover over the fans. The fans are pulling air out of the case through the radiator.


I noticed a slight, but annoying, clicking sound coming from both fans. With the fans running, I took off the 500R's metal top cover and very slightly pushed down on the covered center on each fan. The clicking noise went away. I placed the metal cover back over the fans and again pushed down very slightly over the center of both fans with the metal cover. The noise again went away.


To fix the rattle, I used standard black electrical tape:


1. Take the top metal cover off.

2. Make two small cushions by rolling up the electrical tape, sticky side out. Do not make these cushions any wider than the center cover of the 140mm fans. Sticky side out keeps the cushion from sliding around once in place.

3. Place your cushions on the center top of each fan, put the metal cover back on the 500R.



I had to make each cushion twice to get the thickness right so that the rattle went away. I would use the smallest amount of tape needed to get rid of the rattle, so you don't put too much pressure on the fans. Good luck!

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